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The Tale of R-Qu
Endorsements & Dedication

Readers of all ages who wrestle with the challenges of everyday life will find hope and comfort in R-Qu’s journey and stunning metamorphosis.

~U-T SAN DIEGO | SUNDAY - JANUARY 25, 2015 ~ "The Tale of R-Qu: A Rock Falls Off His Mountain" by Jean E. Taddonoio and Rowan Clifford (11 year old illustrator) Larson Scott Publishing; $15.95. Geared for K-3rd grade, a story of comfort and hope written by a retired hospice nurse.

Here’s what Educators have to say:

We need to see more stories like this that link the world together for children.~ Joan DellaValle, Ed. D., Retired Principal

I watched with delight as Jeane captivated the children in my class with her story - which,
as it turns out, is all of our stories. A great tale of heart and purpose!
~ Laurie Mikolaysik: Counselor, parent educator and college professor for child and adolescent development.

Jean E. Taddonio has crafted a gem on so many levels. This is a tale for all ages that invites multiple readings.~Monique A. Clifford, M.Ed.

This is a healing story. The reader can discuss it in any number of ways relating it to the relevancy of ways relating it to its relevancy.~ Pauline Gillis, Retired Special Educator

Children of all ages, especially those challenged by trials, will empathize with little R-Qu in this endearing tale of transformation. Most importantly, they will learn that hope is never far away.~ Joanie Shannon, B.A., CMT

R-Qu is a charming, engaging story that both a child and parent will enjoy and appreciate. It has a valuable message: things can go wrong and you can still have a happy ending.~ Marion Kahn, Professor Emeritus, SDSU Health and Human Services

Jeane has a way with words that is soothing to the ears. She ties a beautiful message into her story about R-Qu and his journey to fulfilling his mission.~ Annemarie Pennick, B.A. Communications, M.A.

It’s no surprise that this lovely book comes from Jeane’s lifelong dedication to healing. A vital lesson against pride and for hope.~ Suja Pritchard, B.F.A. in Art, M.A. in Art C.S.U.S.

Here's what Children have to say:

I would give the R-Qu book a thumbs up…

The name R-Qu is very cool. I love the ending and the beginning.

This story is one of the best stories with a lot of details I hope it gets published.

I thought your story was Awesome with a capital a.

I would read it to my little brother every night.

I really liked your story. It made me feel that I was right there with R-Qu.

Here's what Readers have to say:

Heart Warming. Thought provoking. Sensitive. The Tale of R- Qu touches on real life issues from an innocent perspective. It promotes priceless conversations and fosters communication that spans generations. Worth the read!~Janelle DeCelles,  Jan. 18, 2015

A beautiful story to be enjoyed by all ages! This little gem has meaning for everyone. It can be relished by the very young or appreciated by adults for its deeper message. The pictures are captivating, and they help weave the words into a masterpiece with great creativity. I can't wait to read this story to my grandchildren! ~Annette M., Jan. 21, 2015

Beautifully told story of how change and adaptation helps us to celebrate rather than just survive in this world. Illustrations by 11 year old boy are indicative of a talent far beyond his years and complement the word pictures!~Judy Lemm, Jan. 7, 2015

This beautiful story is one of openness and honesty and hope when confronted with change that we may not have chosen. It is perfect for children and adults! I especially love the ending. The whole book will make you smile!~Patricia l. Gilbreath, Jan. 11, 2015

Although written for kids, this is a book worthy of acknowledgement from parents and educators alike. The Tale of R-Qu follows the journey of a grapefruit-sized chunk of rose quartz, precipitously dislodged from a perch atop a mountain where he had resided all his life. The story illuminates situations, frightening as well as meaningful which R-Qu encounters on the way to an unknown but far richer destination. The Tale of R-Qu presents the perfect opening for discussions with young children, of adverse life events, and some of the processes that might be utilized in the quest for healing and ultimate acceptance.~Donna M. Ferguson, Jan. 25, 2015

We loved this book! My grandchildren and I had a great time reading this story and having discussions about how everything and everybody in this world is connected. They loved the fact that this was illustrated by a pre-teen and written by an adult. It is a story that is global, timeless, sweet and beautiful all wrapped together in a well designed picture book. Great for all ages!~Lolajo, Feb. 17, 2015

This story is so beautiful. It is a children's book, but thoughtful and meaningful for any age. It involves not only life's challenges and the power of faith, but also shows how a grain of sand evolves into a beautiful precious gift. Lots of lessons wrapped up in a colorfully illustrated and well written book.~P. C., Jan. 25, 2015



Dedicated to children of all ages everywhere who find hope and joy in the ordinary.  May the brightest moments of childhood stay with you all of your lives.

And especially for our grandchildren (in birth order):

Kiani, Caitlin, Christopher, Joshua, Daniel, Bridget, Andrew, Katie, Dakota, Tyler and Justin

And great grandchildren: Jayden and Jazzlin

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Welcome to The Tale of R-Qu, a rock falls off his mountain.

It is a story of change, transformation and hope.

Written by retired hospice nurse Jean E. Taddonio and illustrated by 11 year old Rowan Clifford.

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