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The Tale of R-Qu

Written by

Jean E. Taddonio


Illustrated by

Rowan Clifford

"Have you ever been stuck in a beaver dam?"

Children of all ages wrestle with the difficulties of daily life and change is rarely welcome. The letting go of things, circumstance or relationships represents loss to many people. For those without hope or foresight, it can be a shattering experience at any age.

The Tale of R-Q introduces the concept of loss, change and challenge to the young reader through the life of a small pink rock at the top of a mountain.

When R-Qu falls off the mountain, his story becomes a journey of hope, transformation and love by the very changes and difficulties that seemed frightening and insurmountable at first.

It is the sharing of loss and the finding of hope and healing that inspired The Tale of R-Qu. R-Qu’s story, is a wonderful and effective resource for bringing hope and comfort into the lives of confused and hurting children.

They may also discover their own golden ribbons along the way and perhaps a few science lessons as well!


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Welcome to The Tale of R-Qu, a rock falls off his mountain.

It is a story of change, transformation and hope.

Written by retired hospice nurse Jean E. Taddonio and illustrated by 11 year old Rowan Clifford.

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