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The Tale of R-Qu
Note to Teachers and Parents

We need to see more stories like this that link the world together for children.  Twenty first century skills require an understanding of cultures of the world for the purpose of being global citizens. This sweet story brings the lives of children from opposite parts of the world together in a beautiful manner. We must also teach our children to be environmentally literate and this tale allows our youngsters to do that, as well as seeing how the impact of our shifting climate or natural events in one part of the world, directly effects all of us, including our children. 

Joan DellaValle, Ed.D., Retired Principal, Vice President Core-21 Educational Consulting Company, University Adjunct Professor

The Tale of R-Qu encompasses emotions that may invite discussion at home or in the classroom. It could be the subject of a science lesson as well: Oysters make pearls with a substance called "nacre" layered over an irritant such as sand, not frosting as the story says.

It is also true that examination of sand under high-powered microscopes reveals its origin: exquisite minerals, crystals and stones of every sort imaginable. It is conceivable that R-Qu really could have become a pearl, though not necessarily pink.

Perhaps the story can spark discussions of global awareness, geology, ocean currents along with many other possibilities. The combination of art and science is a worthy creative endeavor.

A study guide for grades K-3rd can be made available on request.

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As with life, there are many different directions to choose. Have fun on your journey, wherever it takes you.


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Welcome to The Tale of R-Qu, a rock falls off his mountain.

It is a story of change, transformation and hope.

Written by retired hospice nurse Jean E. Taddonio and illustrated by 11 year old Rowan Clifford.

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