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The Tale of R-Qu
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To get an autographed first edition for $15.95 plus shipping, Call 619-249-2856 or fill in the form below and let us know the number of books you'd like to order. We will contact you via email with the total amount of your order.

The Tale of R-Qu, without an autograph, can be purchased at for $13.95 plus shipping.

If you would like to invite Jean E. Taddonio to read The Tale of R-Qu in your classroom within the San Diego area, please contact us in the Comments box below. Ages K-3rd grade are the very best ages to read to. Everyone, however, seems to find something of value in the story no matter what their age. Not only does this story have emotional appeal but can also introduce topics realated to science and ecology as well.


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6377 Del Cerro Court
San Diego, California 92120
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Welcome to The Tale of R-Qu, a rock falls off his mountain.

It is a story of change, transformation and hope.

Written by retired hospice nurse Jean E. Taddonio and illustrated by 11 year old Rowan Clifford.

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6377 Del Cerro Court
San Diego, California 92120
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